sábado, 6 de febrero de 2016

IAMX - Metanoia

Lanzado a finales del pasado año, este lp me pasó inadvertido.

Después de haberlo escuchado, creo que "iamx" lo ha vuelto a hacer. A construir un gran disco con joyas como esta:

I know I'll never feel the same.
I know I may never accept the change but I want...
Staring blank at my screen
waiting for a sign, waiting for a smile to come to me.
Everyday the news is dead.
You power drunk fuckers are filling my head with despair.
(liars, liars, liars)
Maybe I became too clean.
Maybe the drugs are the only way to be free.
Oh, happiness.
No breaking the anxiety.
Man did I try to, but could never be faded out
with happiness.
Everyday hypocrisy, I see the zombies walking down the street
and it kills me, their happiness.
(liars, liars, liars)

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Sergio DS dijo...

Buen tema y un vídeo de gran riqueza plástica. Me gusta.