lunes, 26 de octubre de 2009

Canciones de 10 - John Frusciante - Going inside

John Frusciante ha sido durante muchas etapas guitarrista de los Red Hot Chili Peppers. Esta canción correspondiente a su etapa en solitario, me parece una pequeña joya.

You don't throw your life away
Going inside
You get to know who's watching you
And who besides you resides

In your body
Where you're slow
Where you go doesn't matter
Cuz there will come a time
When time goes out the window

And you'll learn to drive out of focus
Of you
And if anything unfolds
It's supposed to

You don't throw your time away sitting still
I'm in a chain of memories
It's my will
And I had to consult some figures of the past
And I know someone after me
Will go right back

I'm not telling a view
I've got this night to unglue
I moved this fight away
By doing things there's no reason to do

2 comentarios:

Sílvia dijo...

Hola Odiealex!
No he seguido su carrera en solitario así que me viene genial el vídeo y la información. suena muy bien.
saludos. hasta otra!

Fidel Ibáñez Cámara dijo...

Te saco de dudas, la pequeña joya es un diamante en bruto.